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Mobility Equipment 

Mobility aids can be beneficial for the elderly, injured, and disabled. They can improve mobility, independence, and personal comfort. At Medical Equipment Affiliates, we believe that mobility challenges shouldn’t stop you from living a full, active life, and we understand the importance of selecting the right mobility equipment based on individual needs. Our caring, professional staff can work with you and provide you the information necessary to make the mobility choice that is best for you.



  • Canes

    • Straight​ Cane

    • Small Base Quad Cane

    • Large Base Quad Cane

  • Crutches

    • Standard Crutch​es

    • Forearm Crutches

    • iWALK Hands Free Crutch


  • Walkers

  • Rollator Walkers

  • Knee Walkers



  • Wheelchairs

  • Power Wheelchairs**

  • Power Scooters** 

Hoyer Lift

  • ​Solid Slings​

  • Mesh Slings

  • Commode Opening Slings


** Power Mobility Equipment is private pay, we DO NOT bill insurance for these items

** FDA Class II Medical Device

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