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Hospital Beds

These beds have special features both for the comfort and well-being of the patient and for the convenience of health care workers. Common features include adjustable height for the entire bed, the head, and the feet, adjustable side rails, and electronic buttons to operate both the bed.

Bariatric Electric 

  • Full Length Bed Rails​

  • Half Length Bed Rails



Hospital Bed Additions

  • Hoyer Lift (Patient Lifts) 

    • Solid Slings​

    • Mesh Slings

    • Commode Opening Slings

  • Trapeze Bar

    • Bed Mounted​

    • Free Standing

  • AP&P Mattress

  • Gel Overlay Mattress

  • Low Air Loss Mattress

  • Over Bed Table

  • Bedside Commode

    • Standard​

    • Drop Arm

    • Bariatric 

    • Bariatric Drop Arm

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